Migration visa for USA

Migration visa for USA

If you wish to migrate to the USA based on your employment ie. your education and professional skills, you will need (E) immigrant visa (Employment-Based Immigrant Visa). Number of these visas per year is limited.

For this category of immigration your future employer needs to submit petition to American immigration service for your immigration. This is not applicable to those who achieved extraordinary accomplishments in the fields of science, education, art, business and athleticism. These persons can submit their own petition for immigrant visa (For I-360) and look for a job after their immigrant visa is approved.

There are several subcategories for this type of migration:

  • (E1) visa Visa for persons with extraordinary abilities.
  • (E2) visa Visa for the person with high education, professionals and persons with exceptional abilities in their branch.
  • (E3) visa Visa for qualified, non-qualified and other workers.
  • (E4) visa Visa for special immigrants.
  • (E5) visa Visa for investors.

Conditions for immigrant visa

The conditions that need to be met for an immigrant visa are:

  • Your future employer needs to submit a petition for your immigrant visa to US Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS and it needs to be approved (Form I-140).
  • Filled out form DS-261 for immigrant visa.
  • You need to have valid documents and diplomas that could be required on the interview.
  • You need to meet requirements regarding health examination and vaccination.

Benefits of immigrant visa

Employment-based immigrant visa allows you to become permanent resident of the USA ie. to get permanent residence and live and work in the USA. If your petition for immigrant visa is approved, members of your family (partner and children under 21 years) can also apply for immigrant visa. Under certain conditions this visa can help you to gain US citizenship.

Duration of immigrant visa

Immigrant visa is permanent visa.

Application for immigrant visa

Immigrant visa application goes through American immigration service – USCIS website. American embassy in your country further process immigrant visas hivch includes interview in consular section.

Visa fees and processing time

Visa fee for immigrant visa is 345USD and processing time depends on each case because this category of immigrant visas has limited number of visas per year.

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