Work visa for Australia - Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482)

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Work visa for Australia - Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482)

This work visa has three streams, Short-Term, Medium-Term and Labour Agreements and allows you to work temporarily in Australia.

Conditions for Work visa

Basic conditions that need to be met for a work visa are:

  • That you are nominated for a job by an approved sponsor and that the nomination is approved
  • You meet all the necessary skills and qualifications, including fulfilling the necessary skill assessment
  • You meet the requirements of knowing English
  • You are fulfilling the terms that apply or have applied to your last visa
  • You are fulfilling health and character requirements
  • You fulfill all the additional requirements of the stream for which you are applying

What allows a work visa

Work visa for Australia, allows migration and work in Australia, for those engaged in some of the professions that are deficit in Australia and have the necessary experience and skills in that area, as well as the Australian employer's business offer.

Duration of the work visa

From one to four years - depending on your nomination, the visa stream and the circumstances.

Applying for a work visa

Work visa is applied online via the Australian Immigration Services website.

Cost and processing time

The basic application processing fee for a short-term option is AUD1.150, and for medium-term and labour agreement AUD2.455.

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