Study in USA

Study in USA

The USA is the most popular study destination in the world. Every year, over the million of students from all parts of the world decides to continue their education at some American university, and their number keeps growing over the years.

American system of high education offers various programs from all study fields and disciplines through a few thousands colleges and universities. Decentralization of education system is something that is specific for the USA; it means that on the local and regional level, educational institutions have their own rules. You should make sure that the program is accredited when you choose your study program.

High quality of education

The USA has one of the best university systems in the world, which is why American universities are on the top of the best list. Study programs are diverse, flexible and adaptable to different interests, which is one of the most attractive elements of this system. High end technology and the latest technical equipment related to all study fields are available to students and it enables them to gain excellent knowledge and important professional skills. Qualifications and diplomas from American universities are recognized and highly respected worldwide.

Tuition fees and scholarships

The USA is the country with the large amount of educational institutions and the variety of study programs. According to that, tuition fees for international students are diverse as well, fees depend on the institution, level education as well as on study field. Many colleges and universities as well as other organizations and funds offer different types of scholarships to ease the costs of tuition for international students.

Job opportunities

Through American educational system, apart from theory and knowledge, students learn practical and professional skills as well as confidence, independent work, negotiation skills, intercultural and other skills which are highly respected by employers around the world. Diplomas from American universities, not only open the doors of world class companies, they are also highly respected in the USA and could help you to become permanent resident one day as well as citizen.

Research opportunities

The USA, as well as other developed countries, places significant emphasis on funding and development of research projects. Postgraduate students have the opportunity to participate in research projects with the most prominent experts in their fields. This experience gives the possibility for you to become a part of the group of world-renowned scientist.

Student visa for USA

Student Visa allows you to enroll studies and study in USA. With this visa you have the right to work part-time while the course is in progress.

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