English courses in USA

English courses in USA

English language courses are made for anyone who wants to study, live and work in the USA but are not sure about their English language skills. Course is a great opportunity for those who didn’t get enough points on some internationally recognized test (IELTS, TOEFL etc) in order to enroll into a college or university.

The USA is a very popular destination for international students who are interested in English language courses. Many American educational institutions offer English language courses, such as: colleges, universities, independent private schools as well as libraries.

Types of courses

Depending on your needs and interests there are different types of courses. The most popular English as a Second language – ESL programs are:

  • Intensive English Program (IEP) - IEP courses are tailored for those who wish to learn or to improve their language skills or to prepare themselves for college or university enrollment. These programs can be on a beginner or advanced level. Some IEP programs allow you a transfer to academic studies.
  • American Language and Culture Program (ALCP) - ALCP programs require intermediate or advance level of English language and they are designed for those who wish to prepare for higher education at a college or university, per example if they want to start post-graduate studies in the USA.

Beside these two programs, there are programs focused on TOEFL, IELTS or PTE test preparation.

Course fees

Tuition fees depend on the type, level, duration as well as on institution and they start from 170$ per week.

Conditions and benefits of taking English language course in the USA

  • To enroll to some English language courses there aren’t any conditions except that you are 12 or more years old
  • Depending on your needs a course can last from 2 to 52 weeks
  • With this course you can improve your English language skills for work or studies or to prepare yourself for taking some international test in order to enroll to studies
  • n multicultural environment, such as the USA, you will learn English language better and faster than taking similar course in your country
  • This experience can help you to get to know new environment and meet new friends, especially if you wish to live, work or study in the USA

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