Migration to USA

Migration to USA

The USA is the first country in the world regarding number of immigrants. In 2016 only, over a million immigrants received permanent residence in this country.

You can get immigrant visa in several ways, through sponsorships or through some of the popular programs such as Green Card Lottery. In a case of sponsorship, a sponsor should submit a petition for your immigrant visa at the US Immigration service (USCIS).

Family-based immigration

For this category of immigration you need to be sponsored by a family member who is a USA citizen or a permanent resident. There are two basic categories of family-based immigration – immigration through immediate relatives and immigration through close relatives (siblings). For the former and some other subcategories the number of visas per year is limited.

Employment-based immigration

For this immigration category you need to be sponsored by future employer. US immigration law allows around 140000 visas of this type per year. There are 5 subcategories for this type of immigration. In some cases spouses and children can accompany applicant in these categories.

Diversity Visa program

This is a relatively new immigration category, established in 1995 and it provides around 55000 immigration visas per year. In order to participate in Green Card Lottery you need to fill in free online registration. Lottery is being held once a year, usually in October after which randomly picked candidates can apply for immigrant visa. Kentucky Consular center manages this program.

Family visa for USA

Family visas (IR and F) are designed for those who want to permanently settle in the USA based on their family relation with permanent resident or US citizen, who is sponsor of their visa.

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Migration visa for USA

Skilled migration visa based on qualifications, allows skilled workers migration and work in USA.

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