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Language courses in Europe

European countries are very popular study destinations, not only because of their quality education and conditions they offer, but also due to unique multicultural environment, opportunity to learn or improve foreign languages and meet new cultures and nations. In addition to many study programs they offer, all European countries offer language courses for international students. There is not more efficient way of learning and improving foreign language skills and vocabulary than studying and staying in the environment where that language is spoken every day and students can use it daily in different contexts with native people.

In general European countries offer flexible language learning options in foreign language schools as well as at other educational institutions. There are different types of courses, they could be standard and intensive and can be combined. Depending on the destination and institutions, courses could start every Monday or every month, while some institutions offer fixed start dates during the year. Language courses could last from few weeks up to one year.

Types of courses

In general, most popular types of courses are:

  • Summer courses - Many countries offer summer courses which are manly designed for young people who take their summer break to learn language abroad and get to know new country and people
  • General English - These courses are intended for learning and improving language skills for everyday use, studying, working, travelling etc.
  • English for Academic Purposes - The goal of these courses is improving language as preparation for further studies
  • Business English - Designed for improving language skills for specific purposes such as business communication, negotiation, presentation etc.
  • Exam preparation - Courses made to prepare candidates who want to prepare for taking some internationally recognized language test

Tuition fees for language courses

Tuition fees vary across Europe, they mostly depend on the destination and city, as well as on institution and course type. On weekly basis tuition fees start from 100 EUR and go up to a few hundreds euros.

Conditions and benefits of language courses in Europe

  • There are generally no specific conditions for enrollment in language course, although some destinations could have age limit for some courses
  • To enroll in language course students don’t have to take some internationally recognized language test, as for other study options
  • Quality language courses are being offered across Europe, they are designed to help students master language skills in the most efficient way
  • Language courses in Europe are very flexible, depending on destination and institution they could start every month
  • Europe has a wide range of programs and offer the opportunity to study one language in different European countries
  • Studying language in the country where student would be exposed to communication in that language every day is more efficient and better than learning that language in their home country
  • Student who wish to study language course abroad can use that time to prepare for further studies abroad, as well as for work and living in a new environment

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