Investor visa for USA

Investor visa for USA

If you wish to permanently settle in the USA and start your own business which will contribute to US industry or to invest your money in other business, you will need (E5) investor visa. This visa as a subcategory belongs to Employment-Based Immigrant Visas.

Conditions for investor visa

The basic conditions that need to be met for an investor visa are:

  • In order to qualify for this visa you need to invest at least 1 million USD in urban areas or half a million in under-developed or rural areas of the USA. Through this investment, within 2 years, 10 full-time job positions must be open for American citizens or permanent residents, excluding you and your family members
  • ou need to submit a petition for immigrant visa to American Immigration Service – USCIS and it needs to be approved (Form I-526)
  • You need to have valid documents which can be required at the interview
  • You need to meet requirements regarding health examination and vaccination.

Benefits of investor visa

Investor visa allows you to permanently settle in the USA and start your own business as entrepreneur or to invest your money in another which will contribute to economy growth in the USA. After approval of your petition, members of your family (partner and children under 21 years old) can apply for immigrant visa.

Duration of investor visa

Investor visa is permanent visa.

Application for investor visa

Application for investor visa goes online through website of American immigration service – USCIS. American embassy is your country further processes your investor visa application which includes interview in consular section.

Visa fees and processing time

Visa fee for investor visa application is 345USD and processing time depends on each case, because the number of these visas is limited per year.

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