Phd studies in Europe

Phd studies in Europe

Europe as the cradle of education and one of the global research hubs is a popular study destination for students who wish to study PhD studies. Numerous countries in Europe offer excellent conditions for modern research and represent traditional destinations for researchers and scholars.

PhD studies are the third cycle of higher education by Bologna system, they last at least 3 years while some programs could last up to 6 years. These level of studies also carry ECTS points and depending on the duration of studies they are worth minimum 180 ECTS.

PhD studies are mainly intended for candidates who wish to engage in science work and pursue academic career and, so their main focus is research work and inventions as well as writing a doctoral dissertation under the supervision of the mentor.

Tuition fees for PhD studies

Tuition fees for PhD studies mostly depend on the fact whether the institution is private or public, on destination as well as on the study field. At most public institutions tuition fees are very affordable and start from few hundreds euros per year, while private institutions are significantly pricier and could go up to 15.000 EUR for domestic and EU students and up to 20.000 EUR for international students.

Conditions and benefits of PhD studies in Europe

  • In general for enrollment in PhD studies in Europe students must have completed Master studies and to have sufficient knowledge of language of instruction. In addition to these two conditions candidates must have research proposal.
  • Some of the most prestigious universities and research centers are based in Europe and offer students the opportunity to gain PhD degree in most modern conditions around latest technologies.
  • PhD degree gained in Europe is highly respected around the world and open many doors for further career.
  • Students in Europe who wish to study PhD have the opportunity to get numerous scholarships and funding which could ease their study and living costs in Europe.
  • Europe is popular research destination due to large investments for research, as well as many universities, research centers, institutes and other institutions which are interconnected and closely cooperate
  • PhD students in most countries have the right to work during studies, in some countries they can work as lecturers, and apart from that in many countries they have the opportunity to stay and work after graduation.

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