Diplomas of higher education in United Kingdom

Diplomas of higher education in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers programs of higher education such as National Higher Diploma – NHD and Diploma of Higher Education – DipHE. These are post-secondary studies offered at universities and colleges and they last shorter than Bachelor studies.

These programs generally last 2 years and are equivalent to the first 2 years of Bachelor studies and there are also appropriate certificates which last one year. Programs of higher education are mainly focused on practical improvement for further career as well as further education if students plan to continue their studies and gain Bachelor degree.

Tuition fees for higher education

Tuition fees for programs of higher education are similar to tuition fees of Bachelor studies and depend on institution, study field, location and program itself. Tuition fees range from 10.000 GBP to 20.000 GBP per year.

Conditions and benefits of higher education programs in the UK

  • Enrollment in NHD and DipHE programs requires secondary education and internationally recognized English language test (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE...).
  • Qualifications gained in the UK are globally respected and open many career opportunities
  • Some of the best ranked and most prestigious universities in the world are located in the UK, as well as many other institutions of higher education which are globally recognized
  • Most of these programs offer the opportunity of continuing education and gaining Bachelor degree
  • These programs are closely focused on study field and acquiring useful knowledge and skills that employers highly value

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