Partner and family visa for Canada

Partner and family visa for Canada

Family Sponsorship is Canada’s immigration program dedicated to bringing families together. Sponsor is a family member (partner or a parent) who is a permanent resident of Canada and this visa is intended for their spouse or de facto partner and their children who are not permanent residents.

The Government of Quebec has special regulation for family visas which, under the same stream, allows not only previously mentioned sponsorships, but also sponsorships of a brother, sister and other close relatives.

Conditions of Family Sponsorship visa

  • You must be over 18 years old and a permanent resident of Canada
  • You should be employed, not a beneficiary of social assistance and you should have enough financial resources to provide for basic needs for all members of your family
  • You should have valid documents that prove your family ties (birth certificate, marriage certificate or any other evidence and also other documents)
  • Your partner should be over 18 years old; also your child should be less than 22 years and not be in a marital or de facto relationship
  • You should not be prosecuted
  • Your family members need to meet other required conditions regarding biometric data, health, insurance and character requirements

Benefits of family visa

If you are a permanent resident of Canada and your family lives in another country, family visa allows your family members to come to Canada, live with you and to work or study. This visa gives them permanent residence in Canada. You can apply for family visa and permanent residence for your family members even if they are living with you in Canada temporarily. During this process your partner can also apply for Open Work Permit. If you fulfill all other conditions after certain period of time you can apply for Canadian citizenship.

Duration of partner and family visa

This visa allows you to stay permanently in Canada.

Application for family visa

Application for family visa consists of two parts:

  • Sponsorship application of a partner or a parent
  • Application for a permanent residence of the applicant

For a partner visa, both applications are being sent at the same time to Canada’s Home Affairs service.

Visa fee and processing time

Visa fee for family visa application is 1.125CAD for a partner and 235CAD per child. The average processing time is around 12 months.

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