Study in Netherlands

Study in Netherlands

Netherlands is very popular study destination in Europe due to its excellent education system, highly respected education institutions and wide range of programs offered in English language. More than 70 institutions of higher education offer around 2.100 programs in English language which is more than any other non-English speaking country. Quality education as well as open and welcoming environment attract around 120.000 international students every year, which makes Netherlands very popular study destination in Europe.

In Netherlands, academic year is divided in 2 semesters and you can start your program in 2 intakes, in September and February.

High quality education

Dutch education system ranks highly due to the quality of education it offers, well respected education institutions and study programs offered in Dutch and English language. Education system is characterized by modern study conditions, latest study methods and programs which follow industry development. Education in Netherlands focuses on interaction, team work, research, development of analytical and critical thinking, development of creativity, hands on learning etc.

Job opportunities

Students coming from EU/EEA and Switzerland can work during their studies without limitations. Students coming from third counties can work 16 hours per week during their studies or full time during summer break and they need work permit. International students can stay for a year in Netherlands after graduation to look for a job.

Tuitions and scholarships

Tuitions fees in Netherlands are among moderate in Europe, but affordable compared to English speaking countries.  Tuition fees depend on education institution, students’ citizenship as well as the program itself. International students in Netherlands have different full or partial scholarship options, such as state, ministerial, private and NGO scholarships as well as scholarships offered by education institutions.

Possibility for research

Fourteen universities in Netherlands are research oriented and one of the strategies of Dutch education is investing in research and innovation. Research activity is mainly conducted at universities, but partly also within numerous research centers and institutes. In addition to modern research conditions, Netherlands offers a wide range of research areas and many interdisciplinary options. Most PhD research students have employment contracts with institutions and receive payments.

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