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Business in New Zealand

New Zealand has special business migration policy which offers investors and entrepreneurs stable business environment as well as unique opportunity to develop business interests.

Business conditions

The Government of New Zealand pays special attention to growth and innovations in industry and that is why this country is a great place for starting and developing your own business. Many international indicators support this statement. According to World Bank’s Doing Business list for 2018, New Zealand is ranked as a country where it is the easiest to start you own business; also it is ranked on the second place at Forbes’ 2018 list of the best countries for business development.


The Government of New Zealand has made a great effort to simplify business rules and taxes in order to facilitate investments in your own or other business. Money can be easily invested in any business, because there aren’t many restrictions to what you can or cannot invest. Because of that Milken’s Global Opportunity Index ranked New Zealand at the very top of attractive countries for investors.

Business visa for New Zealand

Business visa for New Zealand allows you to start a business, buy an existing one, or make a an investment in New Zealand.

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