Life and work in Australia

Life and work in Australia

Australia is a very attractive country for foreign workers, due to good business opportunities and a high standard of living.

Living conditions

Australia is a tempting destination for tourists as well as for those who want to live and work abroad.

It can offer high quality of life and level of living standards thanks to the combination of its stable economy, climate and lifestyle.

Job and career opportunities

Unemployment in Australia is very low, but there is greater competition for available positions. For this reason it is not easy to get an Australian work visa. There are more subclasses of a work visa and some of them require a nomination by an Australian employer.

Finding work

The biggest job search site is Seek. Other important sites are Job Guide and CareerOne. There are also specialized websites such as Graduate Careers Australia (positions for those with a higher education diploma and those who recently completed their studies), Job Search Australia (a specialized IT base, the computer industry) and Travel Jobs Network (for tourism and catering).

Salaries in Australia

The highest paid jobs in Australia are occupied by occupations in the field of medicine, and very well paid jobs in the fields of mining, architecture, finance and IT.

Work visa for Australia - Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482)

Work visa (subclass 482) allows employers to sponsor workers from abroad for certain deficit positions. This is the most frequent visa for the recruitment of foreign workers in Australia.

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