Graduate Diploma and Certificate in New Zealand

Graduate Diploma and Certificate in New Zealand

Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, as well as Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma are study programs which are offered at universities and some colleges (ITPs, PTEs) in New Zealand.

These programs come before or after undergraduate studies and they are aimed at deepening of your knowledge gained at previous studies or to broaden your knowledge to other study areas. They are designed as specialization in certain fields so they can be helpful in finding a job or for career advancement, but also they can prepare you for postgraduate studies which are, unlike these studies, research oriented.

These programs can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the type of program and study field.

Tuition fees for Graduate and Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma programs

Tuition fees for these programs range depending on the type, study field and institution you choose. In general they range from 12.000NZD to 32.000NZD in total and can be paid in installments.

Conditions and benefits of Graduate and Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma programs in New Zealand

  • The conditions for enrollment are completed undergraduate studies and passed IELTS test (the average score that is required depend from study field and institution).
  • These programs are professionally oriented; they are designed to deepen your knowledge gained at undergraduate studies which can be helpful for career advancement.
  • You can take these programs if you want to reorient to other, new study fields and start a career in that way.
  • Student visa allows you to work part-time jobs (up to 20 hours a week) during your classes while on breaks you are allowed to work full-time.
  • If you take your partner with you, the same working conditions will apply to them as they are for you.
  • After completed studies you have the opportunity to apply for Post-Study Work visa which allows you to work for a while in New Zealand and that can help you to settle permanently in New Zealand.

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