Migration to New Zealand

Migration to New Zealand

New Zealand is the promised land for immigrants because of its high living standard and welfare. One quarter of New Zealanders was born outside of New Zealand. This is one of the countries with high immigration rate and it welcomes around 50.000 permanent residents every year.

Conditions for migration

If you have qualifications, skills and work experience that is required in New Zealand you can apply for immigrant visa within the Skilled Migrant Category. Also, if you want to stay permanently in New Zealand you can apply for certain work visas. These visas could help you to apply for citizenship if you fulfill certain conditions.

Skilled Migrant Category

Skilled Migrant program is based on a system of scoring different factors and qualifications, such as age, education, work experience, job offer etc. Beside these conditions, you need to meet other general qualifications such as English language skills, good health and so on. In order to participate in this migration program you need to score at least 100. Everyone who scores 160 and more will be invited to apply for immigrant visa.

Family Partnership Category

Family Partnership program is intended for those whose partner is a permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand. In this case partner who has a permanent stay or a citizenship can sponsor other partner to also apply for permanent residence so they can live together in New Zealand. This program is designed to bring families together and it also includes children.

Occupation shortage list

If your profession is on the lists of occupation shortage for New Zealand, your road to getting an immigrant visa can be much easier. There are a long-term and short-term occupation shortage lists as well as occupation shortage list in the construction field. New Zealand needs skilled and qualified workers and based on that it develops its migration scheme for new immigrants.

Partner visa for New Zealand

Partner visa for New Zealand allows a marital or de facto partner of an New Zealand citizen, migration and life in New Zealand.

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Migration visa for New Zealand

Skilled migration visa based on qualifications, allows skilled workers migration and work in New Zealand.

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