VET courses in Australia

VET courses in Australia

VET programs in Australia known as Vocational Studies or shortened VET programs are designed to develop practical and professional skills that make it easier for students to find work and career progression.

By the level of education, vocational programs come after high school and before Bachelor studies.

Levels of VET programs:

  • Certificate I-IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced diploma

Prices of VET programs

The VET programs range from 6,000AUD to 17,000AUD per year. Private colleges give a more flexible payment plan, so payment can be quarterly or even monthly.

The conditions and benefits of attending VET programs in Australia

  • Employers value vocational programs because they are focused on the development of the necessary skills that are required in the modern market.
  • State colleges generally have two enrollment deadlines and classes begin in February and July each year. In private colleges there may be four or more enrollment deadlines and classes may begin in February, April, July and October.
  • Vocational programs can be a more convenient and simpler way if you later want to get a higher education degree, because universities recognize exams from VET programs and you will need less time to get this degree.
  • The IELTS test generally requires an average grade of 5.5 and no part is below 5, but this also depends on the field of study.
  • Vocational education courses can also provide a credit for Bachelor studies

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