Migration visa for Canada

Migration visa for Canada

Immigrant visa for Canada for qualified workers

One way to migrate to Canada and settle permanently is immigration visa for qualified workers. There is more than one immigration program which can help you get appropriate immigrant visa:

  • Express Entry is an online system which consists of three immigration programs: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class. When applying for this system your qualifications, education and work experience are being assessed and scored, based on which you are being invited to apply for immigrant visa through one of three programs. Conditions that you must fulfill are different and they depend on the program and employer’s nomination usually isn’t necessary.
  • Provincial Nominees program (PNP) is dedicated to qualified workers who have a nomination (job offer) from Canadian employer from some province or territory, where they intend to settle permanently. For this program you can apply through Express Entry.
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot is the new immigration program for Atlantic Canada and same as previously mentioned, it requires nomination from an employer from that territory. It consists of two programs for qualified workers: Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP) and Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP).
  • Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers is immigration program for Quebec province and same as two before it requires nomination from employer who is from Quebec.

After approval and an invitation to apply for immigrant visa, you have a deadline of 60 or 90 days (it depends on the program) to star your application.

Conditions of immigrant visa

Specific conditions for immigrant visa differ from program to program and from province to province. General conditions that must be met are:

  • You should have education and work experience for a specific job. Your knowledge and professional skills must be assessed positively by relevant and competent association
  • You should have enough financial resources to support yourself for the first few months of your stay in Canada
  • There are also other conditions regarding language skills, biometric data, health and character

Benefits of immigrant visa

Immigrant visa allows you to permanently settle in Canada, to live and work, to sponsor your family members for appropriate visas and to apply for Canadian citizenship if you fulfill all requirements.

Duration of visa

An immigrant visa allows you to stay permanently in Canada.

Application for immigrant visa

Application for immigrant visa is going online through website of Canada’s Home Affairs.

Visa fee and processing time

Visa fee for immigrant visa application is 1.040CAD and the average processing time is from 6 to 19 months.

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