Visit USA

Visit USA

The USA is the second most popular tourist destination, right after France. As a tourist destination, this country offers so many things: from a variety of geographical beauties, mountains, plains, canyons, prairies, islands and beaches to little towns and urban cities that never sleep.

When is the best time to travel

The USA’s vast territory and geographical diversity has many types of climate – from tropical climate at the islands of Hawaii to polar in Alaska. The most populated areas of the USA are good to travel throughout the year because of their Mediterranean and moderate continental climate.

Places to visit

New York

You can’t travel to the USA and skip the visit to the one of the largest and most famous cities in the world –New York City. Located in the northeastern part of the USA, this city is full of high end restaurants, it is also perfect for shopping and walks down the wide boulevards. Skyscrapers in Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Central Park, Fifth and Madison Avenue will leave you speechless.

West coast

On the West coast you shouldn’t miss Las Vegas, famous for casinos, entertainment and nightlife, as well as San Francisco – the city of many hills, which is open to all people and different lifestyles or Los Angeles one of the most important cultural, university and film centers in the world. You can visit Hollywood, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive and Disneyland nearby.


Due to its natural beauties and entertainment attractions, Hawaii became the most popular and most visited tourist destination. This place is perfect for weddings, honeymoon or relaxing vacation with a cocktail in one hand, hand fan in the other and a famous Hawaiian flower arrangement around your neck.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is another popular vacation destination in the USA. It is located in the Caribbean Sea and it consists of more than 7000 islands. The Caribbean are throughout history famous for pirates.

The Colorado river Grand Canyon

This is also one of the most visited tourist attraction in the USA and the most visited canyon in the world. It is located in the northwestern part of Arizona state and represent favorite spot for nature lovers, adventurers and photography lovers. Canyon is 1.5 kilometers deep and over 500 kilometers long and it can be seen from the space. There are huge climate differences and during winter months it is usually closed for visitors.

Visitor visa for USA

Visitor visa is intended for those who want to visit USA recreational, family or business for a short period of time.

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