Student visa for United Kingdom

Student visa for United Kingdom

Student visa is not necessary for students coming from member states of European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland. Students coming from third countries who wish to study in the United Kingdom must have adequate student visa. Short term student visa is needed for programs which last up to 6 months and for language courses lasting up to 11 months, while for longer program Tier 4 student visa is needed.

Conditions for student visa

  • Student must be enrolled in a program at an accredited education institution
  • To have adequate education for enrolled studies
  • To have sufficient knowledge of English language
  • Students must show that they are financially capable to cover costs of studying and staying in the UK
  • To prove that they are genuine students and that their only motive are studies and temporary stay
  • To have adequate health insurance

Benefits of student visa

British student visa enables gaining valuable and quality education and globally respected diploma at some of the most respected educational institutions in the world. International students are allowed to work during studies, if they are coming from EU/EEA and Switzerland they don’t have limitations, while Tier 4 students can work 20 hours per week during semesters and full time during study breaks. Students on a short term visa are not allowed to work.

Duration of student visa

Student visa is being issued on a period of studies plus additional period of time upon graduation. With a Tier 4 visa it is up to 4 months and with a short term visa one month if the overall duration doesn’t exceed 6 months or 11 months if it is language course.

Applying for student visa

Application for student visa is submitted online via the official website of UK Government, while documents are being submitted at the nearest VAC center.

Fees and processing time

Visa application fee for Tier 4 visa is 348 GBP, for short term visa 97 GBP and 186 GBP for attending language course. The average processing time is around 3 weeks.

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