Life and work in USA

Life and work in USA

The USA is one of the most popular destinations for living and working due to its high living standards and strong economy. Job opportunities in the USA are endless.


Living standard

The USA is a large country with diverse possibilities and living conditions and it has something for everyone from rural to urban areas. Millions of settlers, who came to the USA from all parts of the world bringing in their own culture and values, make living in this country diverse and exciting. American economy is the strongest in the world, beside that living standard and quality of services puts America to the top.

Job and career opportunities

American economy as the world first economy is developing and growing fast. Diverse production, large national market and huge impact on world market policy are key characteristics of American economy. The USA offers something for everyone from seasonal to professional jobs. You need to have specific education, profession or business offer from American employer in order to get temporary work visa.

How to find a job

The economic growth in the next period is mostly expected in the fields of industry, health and medical care, cooking, accounting, programming and marketing. The most popular job seeking websites are CareerBoard, Indeed, Monster and USAJOBS.

Wages in the USA

The USA is the country with the highest average salary in the world. The highest paid professions are in medicine and medical care, generally doctors and pharmacist have highest salaries. Programmers, other software experts as well as nurses are in the group of well-paid professions with over a 100.000$ a year. In 2018, in some parts of America, minimal wage per hour increased from 7.5$ to 15$.

Work visa for USA

Work visa allows employers to sponsor workers from abroad for certain deficit positions. This is the most frequent visa for the recruitment of foreign workers in USA.

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