Migration to Canada

Migration to Canada

Canada is a land of immigrants. Two thirds of Canada’s population are immigrants.

This is the second largest country in the world and it offers vast area and various opportunities for newcomers. According to three-year immigration plan, Canada plans to welcome over a million of new permanent residents by year 2021.

How to migrate to Canada

Immigration visa for Canada can be obtained in numerous ways and through many immigration programs. The whole process needs to be carefully and thoroughly planned and all necessary conditions must be fulfilled. Immigrant visas provide permanent residence in Canada and with certain conditions there is a possibility to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Express Entry

The fastest and most popular ways to migrate to Canada is Express Entry, an online system itended for highly educated and skilled workers. The way it works is by collecting points which are compared to points of other candidates, the points are collected through fulfilled conditions and qualifications (passed English or French language test, level of education and work experience). Candidates with the highest points are invited to apply for an immigrant visa.

Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers

Quebec has special immigration program for everyone who want to live and work in this Canadian province. Necessary documents need to be sent to the Quebec government who chooses and assigns Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC) depending on your suitability. Based on this certificate you have the right to apply for an immigrant visa.

Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship is intended for spouses or extra-marital partners, as well as children who don’t live in Canada to come to Canada and live with their family or family member who is Canada’s permanent resident.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Program is designed for highly educated and qualified workers whose profession is on the list of occupation shortage for particular territory or province, who plan to live and work in that province and qualify for permanent residence.

Partner and family visa for Canada

Partner and family visa for Canada allows a marital or de facto partner of an Canada citizen, migration and life in Canada.

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Migration visa for Canada

Skilled migration visa based on qualifications, allows skilled workers migration and work in Canada.

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