Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is one of the most desirable destinations for students. Canadian colleges and universities offer over 8.000 vocational programs and more than 15.000 programs of higher education. Canada welcomes around half a million international students from all around the world.

The academic year in Canada lasts from September till the end of June, but some study programs have another intake in January.

High quality education

Four Canadian universities are ranked among the best one hundred universities in the world. Universities in Canada prepare their students to think critically, to adapt to new technology and to be the leaders in their profession. At PISA tests, students from Canada have excellent scores in literacy, mathematics and natural sciences. Top quality of education is guaranteed thanks to rigorous quality controls and earned qualifications are globally recognized.

Tuition and scholarships

Access to excellent education, exciting intercultural experiences and globally recognized qualification, can really make studying in Canada an investment into your future. In regard to United Kingdom, USA and Australia, Canada offers relatively low tuitions for international students. Under certain conditions you can qualify for one of the many scholarships that Canadian government and universities offer.

Job opportunities

Student’s visa gives international students possibility to work while studying in Canada, up to 20 hours a week which can ease the cost of living significantly. After finished studies, Canadian graduates have excellent chances for employment, in Canada and around the world. Post-Graduation Work visa allows you to work and live in Canada three years after the graduation. Work experience you gain in Canada can help to permanently settle in this country of great opportunities.

Possibility for research

Research is one of the key components of higher education in Canada. Government and industry support research and allocate significant funds for research programs and projects, which puts Canada to the top funding countries, especially projects in telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, information technology and the environment. Canadian researchers are responsible for many discoveries and technological innovations, such as BlackBerry, smart boards, IMAX movie and more.

Student visa for Canada

Student Visa allows you to enroll studies and study in Canada. With this visa you have the right to work part-time while the course is in progress.

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Post-Graduation Work visa for Canada

Post-Graduation Work visa offers a chance for newly graduated students to gain a significant international work experience in Canada after graduation.

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