Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most prestigious study destinations in Europe. Students who complete their studies in Switzerland gain degree which opens many doors around the world. There are 41 institutions of higher education in Switzerland which offer over 3.000 study programs in all official Swiss languages as well as English language. One of the most advanced education systems in the world, esteemed degrees, superb quality of life and multinational environment attract more and more international students every year.

Academic year in Switzerland is divided in two semesters, it starts in September but it is possible to start your studies at the beginning of both semester, while some institutions offer more intakes during the year.

High quality education

Switzerland has a long tradition of being prestigious study destination. Swiss education institutions are ranked on top of the world lists due to excellent theoretical and practical education they offer, research opportunities, excellent study conditions etc. The advantage of Swiss education are highly experienced teachers dedicated to research who transfer to students the knowledge that comes as the results of that work and many years of experience.

Job opportunities

International students in Switzerland are allowed to work 15 hours per week during their studies and full time during breaks. Students coming from EU/EEA don’t need work permit while students coming from third countries can start with their work after 6 months of studying and after they get work permit. Students from third countries have the opportunity to extend their residence permit for 6 months upon graduation in order to find a job and apply for work permit.

Tuitions and scholarships

Tuition fees at Swiss institutions depend on the whether it is public or private institution, the location and study program itself. International students in Switzerland have the opportunity to receive full or partial scholarships which can ease their study and living costs. Beside public scholarships, there are scholarships offered by education institutions and their departments.

Possibility for research

Switzerland is one of the countries with highest investments on research in the world. In addition, it offers excellent research conditions, the latest technology and equipment. Swiss researchers have great international success which attracts significant European funding. The focus of Swiss education system on research and innovation has resulted in 35 Nobel Prizes, mainly in the field of science.

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