English course in United Kingdom

English course in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the second most popular study destination in the world and as an English speaking country it is very attractive destination for learning or improving English language skills. English language courses in the UK are offered at language schools as well as institutions of higher education.

Studying language in the environment where it’s being used every day is very effective way for easier and faster learning. This is a very flexible study option, English courses can start every Monday and can last up to 11 months.

Types of courses

There are many types of English language courses and the most popular are:

  • Summer courses - Dedicated mostly to children and teens, these courses are held during summer holidays and usually include additional activities and sightseeing
  • General English - These courses are intended for learning and improving language skills for everyday use and work in English language
  • English for Academic Purposes - Courses tailored to prepare students for further studies in English language
  • Business English - The main focus of these courses are improving language skills for business communication, negotiation, presentation and public speaking
  • Exam Preparation - These courses should prepare students for taking internationally recognized English language tests

Course fees

Tuition fees for English language courses depend of course type, institution as well as on location. Weekly fees start form 200 GBP.

Conditions and benefits of language course in the UK

  • There are no specific conditions for enrollment into language course
  • Students don’t need to take any internationally recognized language test such as TOEFL, IELTS, CAE or similar.
  • Language courses are very flexible option, they can last for one week to 11 months and they start every Monday
  • The UK offers high quality language courses at many educational institutions
  • Learning language in English speaking country is easier and more efficient than studying in home country
  • English language course in the UK can prepare students for studies or work abroad

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