Work visa for USA

Work visa for USA

Work visa

  • (H1-B) visa Visa designed for persons with special occupations who have higher theoretical and practical knowledge in specialized study fields. This group includes models as well as researchers who work within official state and national projects.
  • (H2-A) visa Visa designed for seasonal agricultural workers which allows American employers to hire foreign workers if domestic aren’t available at the market.
  • (H2-B) visa Visa for seasonal workers who does not work in agriculture.
  • (H3) visa Visa designed for trainees (non medical or academic). These traineeships can be in different professional or industrial areas.
  • (L) visa Visa for transferring within a company. Designed for persons who work in American companies outside of the USA and are coming to the USA regarding work or traineeship.
  • (O) visa Visa designed for persons with exceptional abilities and achievements in the fields of science, art, education, business etc.
  • (P) visa Visa for internationally recognized athletes, artists and entertainers.
  • (Q) visa Visa for cultural exchange visitors.
  • (R) visa Visa for persons engaged in religious activities.

Conditions of Work visa

Osnovni uslovi koje je potrebno ispuniti za radnu vizu su:

  • For most categories of temporary work visas it is necessary that future employee or their agent submit a petition I-129 to US Citizenship and Immigration Service –USCIS and that petition needs to be approved by this service
  • In some cases, before that first step, you will need a certificate or approval from American labor market that you can do certain job in this country for which you have an offer from the employer
  • Filled out and approved form DS – 160 – online request for non-immigrant visas (online through embassy website)
  • A proof that you intend to stay temporarily in the USA (except for the H1-B visa)
  • For every specific category of working visas, specific documents, health insurance or other certificates can be required.

Benefits of work visa

Work visa allows you to live and work in the USA for a certain period of time and to gain valuable work experience in this country. With your work visa (except type Q visa) members of your family can apply for the same category but in that case you need to prove that you are financially capable to take care of them.

Duration of work visa

Work visa can be issued on a period of your contract with American employer.

Application of work visa

Application for work visa goes through American embassy in your country. One of the steps in the process is an interview in consular section.

Visa fees and processing time

Visa fee for work visa application is 190USD and processing time depends on the case.

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