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Migration visa for New Zealand

If you plan to permanently settle in New Zealand as a qualified worker and to contribute to the development of New Zealand’s economy with your knowledge and skills, you will need a resident visa. You can apply for this visa through Skilled Migrant Category program.

Conditions for resident visa

  • You should be less than 55 years old.
  • You need to have education, professional skills and work experience in areas which experience shortage of qualified workers in New Zealand and your profession should be on the list of occupation shortage.
  • You should have Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • You need to meet the English language skills requirements.
  • You shouldn’t be persecuted.
  • You need to meet the good health condition.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

Skilled Migrant Category is a system through which your qualifications are being scored, but before you apply for resident visa, beside conditions that need to be met you also need to send the Expression of Interest. With this statement you affirm New Zealand’s Home Affaire service that you want to be considered for resident visa.

If you score enough points you will be invited to apply for resident visa within 4 months.

Benefits of resident visa

If you meet all conditions, this visa allows you to settle in New Zealand as their permanent resident and to apply for the citizenship afterwards. With this visa you can live, work and study in New Zealand. This visa includes your partner and your children if they are less than 24 years old.

Duration of resident visa

Resident visa is permanent visa.

Application for the resident visa

Application for resident visa is going online via website of New Zealand’s Home Affairs.

Visa fees and processing time

Fee for the Expression of Interest is 530NZD and time needed to consider it is 2-3 weeks. Visa fee for resident visa application is 3.310NZD and the average processing time is 10 months.

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