Study in Spain

Study in Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s most popular study destination due to its quality education, affordable costs and attractive lifestyle. There are 74 universities and a large number of other institutions of higher education which offer study programs in all study fields. Spain offers studies in both Spanish and English language which attracts almost 200.000 international students every year.

As in most European countries, academic year starts in September and is divided in 2 semesters. Some education institutions offer intake in February as well as in March.

High quality education

Numerous universities in Spain have international reputation and rank high due to excellent education and programs they offer. Spain enables studying in the most modern conditions by highly experienced lecturers which transfer knowledge from real world to students. Study programs in Spain are structured in a way to equip students for academic, professional or research career.

Job opportunities

International students in Spain are allowed to work during their studies. Students coming from EU/EEA and Switzerland can work without work permit, while students coming from third countries need work permit and can work up to 20 hours per week. Upon graduation students from third countries can extend their residence permit for a year in order to find a job.

Tuition and scholarships

Tuition fees at Spanish universities depend on whether the institution is private or public, the city and study program. Tuition and living costs in Spain are in general more affordable compared to other popular destinations. International students in Spain have various types of scholarships at their disposal, such as public scholarships, scholarships of private organizations as well as scholarships offered by education institutions.

Possibility for research

Spain is one of the world leaders in education, innovations, technologies and research. Spanish universities, research centers and technological parks offer excellent conditions for conducting the most modern research. Spain especially stands out in the fields of renewable energy, biotechnology and natural sciences as well as electronic and computer technologies.

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