Graduate Diploma and Certificate in USA

Graduate Diploma and Certificate in USA

Regarding level of education these programs come after undergraduate studies. The difference from Master studies is that these programs last shorter and on the other hand they are focused on practical and professional knowledge. Colleges and universities offer these types of programs.

These level of studies usually offer programs in psychology, business, accounting, finance, health, public policies, biotechnology, visual art, international studies etc. These programs are designed for the people who wish to deepen their knowledge acquired on undergraduate studies or to specialize in some study field in order to advance in their careers.

Programs usually last one year and some institutions allow their students to simultaneously attend these and master or PhD programs.

Tuition fees for Graduate and Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma programs

Tuition fees for these types of programs depend on the program, duration and educational institution, starting form 10000USD annually and can be paid in installments.

Conditions and benefits of taking these programs in the USA

  • The main conditions of enrollment to these programs are completed undergraduate studies and internationally recognized English language test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc)
  • The benefits of these programs are that they last shorter and cost less than master studies
  • These programs are more oriented on gaining practical and professional skills which can help you find a job easier
  • Programs are designed to deepen your knowledge obtained at undergraduate studies or to expand it on related study fields
  • These qualifications will help you advance in your career or reorient to another
  • Student (F) visa allows you to work part-time jobs (up to 20 hours a week) on the campus during a semester and full-time while on holiday
  • During your studies, or after you graduate, you can extend your student (F) visa by applying for a Practical Training (OPT or CPT) relevant to your study field. These are usually paid internships that last one year and could bring you valuable work experience. STEM program graduates (science, technology, engineering and math) could apply for STEM OPT internship that lasts two years
  • If you meet certain conditions, after this you can submit a petition for (H1-B) temporary work visa

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