Business in Canada

Business in Canada

Canada is economically strong developing country, with an open, competitive and developed market. In addition to its demand for quality workers, Canada also wants entrepreneurs for its permanent residents.

How to get a business visa

Business immigrants can permanently stay in Canada in two ways: as entrepreneurs (Start-up visa) or as self-employed (Self-Employed Persons). These are two relatively new Canadian immigration programs for the business class. The first program refers to those who want to permanently reside in Canada to start their own business. The second is designed for prominent cultural workers or athletes, who want to significantly contribute to cultural and sports life of Canada.

Business conditions

Forbes magazine rated Canada as the best G-20 country for starting and developing a private business. Low taxes and low costs of starting a business contribute to creation of a very good business environment. Canada is a country that encourages business innovations, supports scientific talents, research projects and new ideas and above all Canada has high standard of living, which makes it an ideal country to advance in business.

Business visa for Canada

Business visa for Canada allows you to start a business, buy an existing one, or make a an investment in Canada.

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