Bachelor studies in United Kingdom

Bachelor studies in United Kingdom

Bachelor studies in the United Kingdom are mainly offered at universities but also at colleges throughout the country. The UK has a large offer of Bachelor programs in all study fields, there are more than 50.000 programs at around 395 institutions.

Bachelor studies in the UK usually last 3 years, with exemption of Scotland where Bachelor studies last 4 years. Some universities offer so called sandwich programs which last 4 years of which one is dedicated to practical work.

Bachelor studies in the UK are designed to provide specialized knowledge related to the study field and most common qualifications are BA (Bachelor of Arts), BSc (Bachelor of Science), BEd (Bachelor of Education) and BEng (Bachelor of Engineering).

Tuition fees of Bachelor studies

Tuition fees for Bachelor studies depend on institution, study field, program etc. Annual fees for international students range from 10.000 to 38.000 GBP.

Conditions and benefits of Bachelor studies in the UK

  • For enrollment in Bachelor studies students must have high school diploma and passed internationally recognized English language test (IELTS, TOEFL, CAE...).
  • Degree and qualifications gained in the UK are highly respected worldwide and open many doors for successful career
  • The UK has some of the best ranked and esteemed universities in the world
  • Bachelor studies are closely focused on study field and tend to develop analytical and critical thinking as well as academic writing skills
  • Students are allowed to work 20 hours per week during their studies and gain valuable international experience and connections
  • After graduation student can continue their education on postgraduate level or they can apply for Post Study Work visa and work for 2 years in the UK

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