VET courses in USA

VET courses in USA

Vocational training programs in the USA, well-known as “trade schools”, are positioned between secondary education and undergraduate studies, regarding level of education.

Regarding their practical side, these programs are made for students who wish to study for a specific occupation, to advance in their career or to change a career. They cover a variety of occupations and study fields, related to technology, industry, design, hospitality, tourism, IT medical care, business etc.

Vocational training programs are offered at so called community colleges. Studies could last 2 or 4 years, but there are also programs that last only 6 months. The qualifications you can earn on these studies are certificates and diplomas, depending on the program and duration.

Tuition fees for Vocational training programs

Tuition fees for vocational studies depend on the program, duration and institution, and they range from 5000$ at public institutions up to 33000$ at private educational institutions, per year.

Conditions and benefits of taking vocational training programs in the USA

  • Enrollment conditions for vocational training programs in the USA are completed secondary education and passed one of the international tests of English language (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
  • The benefit of these programs is that they last shorter and cost less than undergraduate studies
  • These programs are designed to offer practical and professional skills to students, skills that are necessary for a career they want
  • With this studies you can advance your career or to build a new one
  • In addition to (M) student visa you could apply for Practical Training (PT), which is relevant to your study program and gain valuable work experience in that way
  • After completing your vocational training program you have an opportunity to continue education on a higher level and apply for new student visa (F)

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