Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand has eight universities, 18 technical and polytechnic institutes and colleges, 3 Wänanga higher education institutions and around 600 private colleges. A wide range of vocational and study programs from all study areas and skills are covered on these institutions.

New Zealand is one of the popular study destinations and it welcomes around 27.000 international students every year. School year starts in February and lasts until November and it is divided into two semesters, some institutions offer July intake, at the beginning of the second semester.

High quality of education

All eight New Zealand’s universities are ranked among top 500 at the world, while the University of Auckland is in the top 100 universities. The main benefit of New Zealand’s education system is the high quality of education. New Zealand’s universities provide students with relevant, professional and high quality experience and education through work in small groups, flexible study programs and modern teaching methods. Their diplomas and qualifications are recognized worldwide.

Tuition fees and scholarships

Tuition fees for international students depend on study program, institution and duration of the studies. Tuition costs are in the same range as in Australia, except those for PhD studies. International PhD students in New Zealand pay the same amount as domestic students. The Government of New Zealand, universities, industrial sector, charity funds etc., under certain conditions offer different types of scholarships for talented international students.

Job opportunities

International students have the right to work part-time jobs during their studies and full-time on holidays. These jobs give you work experience and you have a chance to earn enough to cover basic living expenses.

If you study Master by Research or PhD you have the right to work indefinitely during your studies. After completed studies there is a possibility of temporary work with Post-Study Work visa, up to three years. This visa can help you to permanently settle in this country.

Research opportunities

Universities at New Zealand pay great attention to research programs and projects. More than 870 millions of dollars are invested in university research every year, mostly in the field of medicine, information technologies, infrastructure and economy.

Seventy percent of all researchers in New Zealand are students.

Student visa for New Zealand

Student Visa allows you to enroll studies and study in New Zealand. With this visa you have the right to work part-time while the course is in progress.

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