Life and work in Canada

Life and work in Canada

Canada has become a very attractive country for international workers due to the high standard of living, high employment opportunities and chances for career advancement.

Conditions for living

Canada is one of the richest countries in the world with stable economy and high per capita income. Compared to USA, United Kingdom and Australia, Canada’s living costs and real estate prices are low, which makes it popular destination for new life and work beginnings. The United Nations declared it as one of the best countries to live in by many parameters.

Job and career opportunities

The industry and the economy in Canada are in constant blooming and its demand for quality workers is always relevant. If your profession is on the list of shortage occupation (National Occupational Classification (NOC)) you have a greater chance to find a job and employment. In order to apply for a work visa, first you need to find the job and to get a job offer (nomination) from the employer.

How to find a job

The easiest way to find all necessary information regarding job offers, salaries, employment conditions and duties that employers expect from workers is Job Bank, the official Canadian government labor market service. You can look for jobs at other sites, such as workopolis.com, ca.indeed.com, bestjobsca.com etc.

Wages in Canada

The best paid jobs in Canada are in the field of mining, medicine, law, business, finance, management and information technologies. The average weekly salary in Canada during 2018 was 1.279CAD.

Work visa for Canada

Work visa allows employers to sponsor workers from abroad for certain deficit positions. This is the most frequent visa for the recruitment of foreign workers in Canada.

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