English courses in New Zealand

English courses in New Zealand

If you want to study, work or live in New Zealand and you are not sure about your English language skills, course of English language is an ideal option for you. More than 600 private colleges, public technical or polytechnic institutes and some universities offer English language courses.

Types of courses:

  • General English - For those who want to improve their English language knowledge for everyday communication, work or travels
  • English for Academic purposes - Designed for those who plan to study at some of the New Zealand’s universities to develop their language skills necessary for academic environment.
  • Exam preparation (IELTS, CAE, TOEFL etc.) - For people who intend to take some of the English language exams.
  • English for Specific purposes - Intended for people who want to improve their language skills for employment.

Course fees

The costs of tuition depend on the type of the course, duration as well as on institution whether it is public or private. The average weekly cost is around 300NZD for General English course at some of the public institutions.

Conditions and benefits of taking English language course in New Zealand

  • There are no specific conditions for English language course enrollment.
  • You can start your course any Monday in the year.
  • Depending on your needs, course can last from 4 weeks to a year.
  • If your course lasts less than 3 months you need a visitor visa, courses over 3 months require student visa.
  • With these courses you can improve your language skills whether you want to work, live or study in New Zealand.
  • If you need to take IELTS test, exam preparation course in New Zealand can help you to prepare appropriately for taking the test.
  • Multicultural environment can be stimulating and it can help you learn language faster and better than taking the classic course in your country.
  • You can use the time while on the course to get to know the environment, to make new friends and to adapt to the way of life in New Zealand.

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