Master studies in New Zealand

Master studies in New Zealand

Master studies are offered at universities as well as at some public and private colleges (ITPs, PTEs).

There are two types of Master studies:

  • Taught Master's
  • Research Master's

These studies last from one to two years.

Tuition fees for master studies

Tuition fees for master studies in New Zealand depend on study program and institution you choose. Annual tuition fees range from 26.000NZD to 37.000NZD and can be paid on semester basis. Study programs in medicine and veterinary science are more expensive.

Conditions and benefits of master studies in New Zealand

  • Completed undergraduate studies and passed IELTS test (the average score that is required depend on the study field) are the main conditions for enrollment to master studies at universities in New Zealand.
  • Master studies in New Zealand teach students to use critical and analytical thinking through research projects and the qualifications they gain are highly respected worldwide.
  • As a student of Taught Master program on a student visa you have the opportunity to work part-time jobs (up to 20 hours a week) during your studies while on breaks you can work full-time. On the other hand as a student of Research Master program you can work full-time throughout the year.
  • Student visa allows you to bring your partner with you and the same working conditions apply to them too.
  • After completed studies, Post-Study Work visa gives you the opportunity to work and live for a while in New Zealand and to qualify for a permanent stay. This visa is issued on a period of three years.

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