Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Canada

Graduate Diploma and Certificate in Canada

Graduate Certificate and Diploma are study programs which are offered at some universities and colleges in Canada.

As opposed to Master studies which are based on research and theoretical contribution to science, these programs represent highly specialized and professionally oriented courses. They are tailored for students who wish to upgrade their knowledge obtained at undergraduate level or to expand it on related fields of study in order to find a job easier and to improve professionally.

Graduate Certificate and Diploma programs last one to two years.

Graduate Certificate program tuition fees

These programs differ depending on institution, so tuition fees depend on chosen course, institution and number of semesters. Tuition fees for Graduate Certificate and Diploma programs are generally lower than tuition fees for Master studies.

Conditions and benefits of Graduate Certificate and Diploma programs in Canada

  • The first condition is completed undergraduate studies.
  • Depending on the province you wish to undertake your studies, English (IELTS, TOEFL, CAEL) or French language test is required. The average score necessary depend on the language, study program and the institution. English language programs usually require average score of 6.5 on IELTS or 84-88 on TOEFL test.
  • The main benefits of these studies are their professional orientation and providing of relevant professional skills which will be very helpful in improving your future career
  • You can complete these programs easier and faster in comparison to Master studies.
  • They cost less than Master studies.
  • Student visa will give you and your partner the right to work during these programs and after completed studies you will have the opportunity to apply for Post-Graduation Work visa which allows you to work and live in Canada for a certain period of time.
  • Work experience you gain after completed studies can help you to qualify for permanent residence in Canada.

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