Post-study work visa for New Zealand

Post-study work visa for New Zealand

Post-study work visa (podklasa 485)

Post-Study Work visa is made for students who completed their studies in New Zealand and wish to work and live in this country for a while.

Conditions for Post-Study Work visa

  • You should have recently completed some study program in New Zealand (Specific conditions for vocational and undergraduate studies: completed vocational program should have lasted at least 60 weeks or two vocational programs that lasted 30 weeks; completed undergraduate studies should have lasted at least 30 weeks)
  • You should submit the application within three months since the expiry of your student visa.
  • You should have enough financial resources to cover living expenses in New Zealand.
  • You should not be persecuted.
  • You should be in a good health.

Benefits of Post-Study Work visa

This visa allows you to work for a certain period of time in New Zealand in your profession or some other profession. If your family is with you in New Zealand, your partner will have the opportunity to apply for work visa and your children can attend school under the same conditions as domestic students.

Duration of visa

Post-Study Work visa can be issued on a period of one, two or three years depending on the duration of studies you completed.

Application for a visa

Post-Study Work visa application is submitted online through website of New Zealand’s Home Affairs.

Visa fees and processing time

Visa fee for Post-Study Work visa application is 495NZD and the average processing time is 27 days.

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