United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the island country of Western Europe. The kingdom consist of 4 states: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital and largest city is London and other larg cities are Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh…


The area if today’s kingdom was inhabited by various people form Celts, Romans, Vikings to Anglo-Saxon tribes. Northern people founded the Kingdom of Scotland in the 9th century, and then the Kingdom of England was founded in the 10th century. After centuries of turmoil, conquest and wars they were unified in the 17th century and ultimately United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was founded in early 19th century.

From 16th century, the UK expanded their empire to the Far East, American continent, Africa, and was the largest naval and territorial power until the 19th century when it reached its peak and its control over colonies started to decline, which continued in 20th century, due to world wars and colonies’ fight for independence.

The UK has one of the leading roles in world’s history, it is one of the most responsible countries for democracy development, science and literature and it is one of today’s political and economic powers.

Population and Demographics

The UK has population of 68 million which makes it 21st country in the world by population and the third in the Europe. By area it is 80th country in the world with 244.820 square kilometer, of which England occupies 53%.

Population density is 259 inhabitants by square kilometer, and most densely populated in England in which the third of overall population lives. The predominant population is the white population, descendants of the first people who settled in this area.

Fun facts

  • The queen Elizabeth II is the longest reigning monarch in the world, she marks 68 years of rule in 2020
  • The UK is connected with continental Europe by underground tunnel which goes under La Manche canal
  • The United Kingdom doesn’t have a constitution
  • English people drink 165 million cups of tea daily, which is more than any other nation
  • London has the largest library in the world with over 170 million items
  • Stonehenge is one of the oldest monuments in the world, dating back to 3000BC
  • Golf was invented in Scotland in the mid-15th century and was banned by law for some time

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