Phd studies in New Zealand

Phd studies in New Zealand

PhD studies in New Zealand are offered mostly at universities. They cover a broad range of study fields from art to science. PhD studies usually last from three to four years.

Tuition fees for PhD studies

International PhD students in New Zealand pay the same amount as domestic students. Tuition fees depend on the study field and university you wish to enroll to and they range from 6.500NZD to 9.000NZD annually and are being paid on a semester basis.

Conditions and benefits of PhD studies in New Zealand

  • Conditions for enrollment are completed master studies, passed IELTS test, also you must find a supervisor and choose a topic for you PhD dissertation.
  • PhD studies can start any time in agreement with your supervisor.
  • Tuition fees are same for international and domestic PhD students.
  • The Government of New Zealand invests a vast amount of funds into research projects.
  • Qualifications, knowledge and experience you gain during your PhD studies in New Zealand are worldwide recognized and respected.
  • Student visa allows you to work full-time in New Zealand and if you have a family, your children have the opportunity to attend school under the same conditions as domestic school kids.
  • After completed PhD studies in New Zealand, Post-Study Work visa gives you opportunity to work and live in New Zealand for three years. This visa can help you stay permanently in New Zealand.

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