Business visa for Canada

Business visa for Canada

Business visa for Canada

If you plan to settle in Canada and start a business in this land of great opportunities, you need a business visa – Start-up Visa.

Conditions for business visa

Beside some particular conditions and documents that can be required from you, general conditions for starting a business in Canada are:

  • You should have a business plan, innovative and creative idea to start a business
  • You need to have a guarantee or a Letter of Support from one or more Canadian organizations who are ready to support and invest in your business idea
  • You should have enough money to start your own business in Canada
  • You need to meet other requirements regarding language skills, biometric data, health and character

Benefits of business visa

Business visa allows you to live and work in Canada as a permanent resident, in other words to invest your capital in starting and developing your own business in this land of great business opportunities. You can start your business during the processing of your Start-up visa application with temporary work permit that applies to this visa.

Duration of visa

Application for business visa

Application for business visa is being sent by email to Canada’s Home Affairs address.

Visa fee and processing time

Visa fee for business visa application is 1.540CAD and the average processing time is from 12 to 16 months.

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